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Civmec's Broome Logistics Supply Base

Our circa 12,000m2 Broome Logistics Supply Base includes office, warehousing and hardstand facility.

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Located 1,700km from Henderson on the north-western coast of Australia, Broome is a significant gateway to WA’s offshore oil and gas industry.

To further broaden our capability offerings in the region, Civmec established our Broome Logistics Supply Base in August 2014. The base is situated just 2km from Broome Wharf and 5km from the airport.

At approximately 12,000m2, it comprises an office space, client office, boardroom, warehousing and hard stand facility which includes a dedicated chemical storage area.

The facility provides warehousing and storage for oil and gas projects, including extensive engineered pipe and riser racking and an offshore container storage area. We also offer project procurement and maintenance services such as drill pipe cleaning and repairs, along with logistical support and expedited loadout services.





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