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Gorgon Downstream LNG Project Barrow Island

In July 2011, Civmec was awarded a contract with Chevron for the shop fabrication of structural steel for the Gorgon Downstream LNG Project at Barrow Island off the north-west coast of Western Australia.

The project involves the construction and commissioning of a liquefied natural gas plant, condensate handling facilities, carbon dioxide injection facilities and various utilities and comprises 3 trains for which Civmec is supplying over 11,000 tonnes of structural steel, fabricated in its undercover workshop at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson. Upon completion, gas will be delivered to the plant via subsea gathering systems and underground pipelines for treatment and liquefaction. Each of the 3 trains will be capable of producing 5 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year.

Civmec’s scope of work includes the steelwork fabrication and subassembly of over 11 thousand tonnes of structural steel, platforms, ladders & handrail for the following areas:

  • 6 off 1000t mixed refrigerant compressor buildings
  • 3 off main cryogenic heat exchangers
  • 3 off amine absorbers
  • 3 off amine regenerator units
  • 3 off HP fuel gas mixing units
  • 6 off waste heat recovery units
  • Condensate storage facility
  • MEG tank storage facility
  • Pipe racks
  • Pipe supports and valve access platforms
  • Power gen. units

In addition, Civmec was awarded the preassembly of modular frames in various configurations and both carbon and stainless steel pipe supports. Further to the structural fabrication, Civmec has constructed a purpose built surface treatment facility for the painting of welded frames, handrail and other items, as well as post-award scope for the internal preservation coating of pipe spools. During the peak of its production schedule the project has required more than 250 direct and indirect personnel and has delivered in excess of 300 tonnes of steel per week.

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