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Wharf Topside Modules

Civmec was awarded the supply, manufacture, surface protection, storage and transport to out load wharf for the wharf topside modules as part of the marine works for the Cape Lambert Project.

Components which also formed part of the topside modules included; secondary steel work, insitu and pre-cast concrete, chutes, conveyor stringers, pulley frames, s/s sumps, pipe work and drive bases.

The wharf topside modules consisted of 3 modules:

Module A

L 24,000mm; W 32,220mm; H 21,772mm; Weight 990t

Module B

L 24,800mm; W 26,500mm; H 21,772mm; Weight 1104t

Module C

L 43,200mm; W 21,300mm; H 9,000mm; Weight 630t

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